Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am starting off this ‘Fast Food Series’ with my top most pick.  Yes, many would contest (even them I think)that I am putting them on the category of Fast Food establishments, but I decided so due to the fact that they provide food literally express and that like obvious fast food stores, they are found in almost every place (most especially malls).  Pizza hut has always had that ‘special vibe’ in it that I can perfectly remember when I was a kid that going to Pizza hut meant an event that is waaayyy important than your Mc Donalds graduation treat that only going to Pizza hut would put justice in it J.  Going into high school and college was the same.  Eating at Pizza hut was reserved to the ‘specialest’ of dates when fast food was too cliché and formal sit down dinner is beyond budget and ordering pizza from  Pizza hut meant a classmate who is a foreign exchange student or a rich kid --- who has money to order.

Fast forward to the present, so many has changed.  First, I can now afford to indulge in say a weekly trip if I want to, but most importantly, Pizza hut has also started reaching out to the masses.

QUICK HISTORY LESSONS (sourced from Pizza Hut’s official website)
Pizza Hut has its roots set as far back as 1958 in Wichita, Kansas.  Two college students Frank & Dan Carney borrowed $600 from their mom and opened a pizza place.  Luck seems to be on their side because by the end of that same year, they already opened their 2nd restaurant.  And by 1968 (yes, 10 year span) they had opened over 300 places.  How do their numbers fare now?  They have over 12,000 restaurants in 90 countries around the globe (drum roll please) and that is just in 2004.

In the Philippine shores, Pizza Hut started in 1984 (I was just one year old) and has since then became the country’s most popular pizza chain.  Philippine Pizza Inc., is the franchise owner and operator of Pizza Hut and currently registers over 140 restaurants located from Baguio to Mindanao.

WHAT DO I LIKE ABOUT APIZZA HUT? Let me count the ways….

Reason #1:  PROMOS abound
Yes, more than just a food place, they offer lots of promos that would cater to almost all walks of life who may want to get a taste of the said true ‘Italian-American Experience’.  They have the popular ‘Super Panalo 99’ and have reinvented this a lot of times.  I like the personal touch slashed DIY feel that customers are given.  You can choose your own meal composition, from appetizer, main course and drink.  This promo provides a much needed break from the conventional ‘boxed-out’ value meals that you CANNOT mix and match.
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 Reason #2: CHEESE lover? Then, welcome to Heaven.
Ehe, well this is perhaps the most biased of the reasons why I love it in Pizza Hut.  It is a haven for the cheese lovers.  The mozzarella sticks and the sauce are a perfect match.  The triple cheese pizza is just the right combination.  I highly recommend this place whenever you crave for cheese and do not care of the equivalent calories.  Indulging at times is good for you as mentioned by my gym instructor ehe…
Mozzarella Sticks great appetizers
 Reason #3: Buy ONE take ONE Promo for take out
Yes, I had to separate this one from the other promos because it is a definite life saver for sudden get together, parties or just plain celebrations.  I cannot count the times that this take out promo saved me big time.  Imagine for less than 400 pesos, you will already get two large sized pizza (flavors can be different).  So for all nighters, over-time, projects, etc., these would be a perfect companion.

Reason #4:  The PALM Card
Another promo that must be given a separate mention.  This is another get one pizza (Pizza of the month) for buying one --- OF THE SAME SIZE on dine-in, take out or delivery.  Imagine that!  I am a proud owner of one and I think I need to renew it as it is good for 6 months only.
Reason #5: The Pizza selection keeps on GROWING
Variety is an important factor as everyone needs a break even from their favorite meal(s).  Pizza Hut recently just launched their Tuscani, line-up of new pizza and previous to that (but this year) were the new pasta meals and who does not remember the volcano pizza.
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 Reason #6:  Pasta line-up goes a LOOONNGGG way
There is not one of their current (gourmet) pasta that I have not tried and did not like.  Top favorites are the PESTO and RAVIOLI.  I almost always never leave this place without eating one.  Serving, I must say, are good for two and when paired with a personal-sized pizza would already fill you in.

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And more of food!  Below are the collection of photos I gathered from the many visits I had of Pizza Hut.

Cream of Chicken soup

Mango Shrimp Salad --- very asian
Al Pesto style
Spag Shrimp Garlic & Mushroom
Vanilla Espresso
Dessert Sample
Caramelized Apple Sundae


  1. I remember way back when in Illinois when it was indeed a big deal to eat at Pizza Hut, the breadsticks were a great appetizer.Whole pizza items were expensive, so a pan pizza was more practical and economical for a budget conscious individual. I enjoyed pizza but with healthy eating and organic choices at Whole Food market (the cadillac of healthy organic eating in the US) I almost exclusively bought pizza at Whole Foods. Pizza Hut I think is less popular now in the US because of strong competition from Papa Johns pizza, Domino's pizza and Little Caesars (well known for bargain 2 whole pizza at $ 5). Also Costco, the wholesaler sells one of the best and cheapest pizza slices (generous slice!).

  2. wow, thanks for the nice add-ons! the race to offer healthier options has really been set (even here in PI actually).. parinig tayo sa kanila to start offering more..ehe..

  3. I personally renew my palm card 2x every year :)) (pag may pera) and its so sulit :)))))

  4. @Mae, yes.. I need to renew mine too... super sulit! esp. for those who crave for pizza every so often (very often, ehe)