Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 'Brains' Behind your Food

Knowing your food more (Interview with the people behind Purple Pad Thai)
My constant quest to find great food havens in and out of the metro has put me to this new place with the badge of offering thai cuisine.  True enough, they were part of the many places I have visited and inspired me to create this blog.  More specifically, the feature of their restaurant landed them my first ever blog post and my first ever response from the people behind them.  Receiving a ‘thank you’ message and having these people share my blog link to people they know made me feel that doing this blog is really something that I can do while keeping my day job.  

After that pilot post, I have also received plenty of inquiries from friends and co-workers asking me the location, the menu options and my recommended dishes.  It was then that the idea of returning and possibly interviewing the people behind Purple Pad Thai came into existence.  The response was immediate and I was told that I can just inform them should I visit them again so we can discuss further the improvements made of the place as well as the menu.  It just so happened that my ‘calendar’ was quite jam-packed for the next 2-3 weeks and has also commitments to meet with other restaurateurs for meetings and feature interviews.  Then December came and I thought (or my stomach craving for something Thai) of revisiting if the invitation still stands.  I was not disappointed.  Because apart from the usual interview I was requesting, I was given the opportunity to sample dishes lined-up for their 2012 menu!  As in, try out dishes that haven’t been released yet on their usual offerings.  I was in heaven.  But I needed to go back to reality because I need to come up with article options on how I will be attacking the next feature of their place.   Armed with my laptop, my stomach (and an extra notepad and pen just in case my battery fails me), I settled for an official date with them for the taste test.

Now, to kill the momentum of this post, NOPE I will not be featuring the new menu in this article (tehee, that’s me at the background with a grin) and promised them to do it on a later date either this year or early January of 2012.  Instead, this article aims to show you more of the place as well as snippets from my interview with Mr. Randy Ramos and their resident chef, Mr. Kiet Phassakorn (FB accounts of both are up and running)  Because true to my advocacy to read and research, it is almost always best to be armed with information before venturing to any food trip/adventure.

So there you have it, additional information for the ever loyal patrons of the resto and hopefully, enough ‘push’ for those who still have not tried going to this place.  I was more than satisfied seeing the changes (and even more excited with the upcoming improvements). And while I’m at it, it is a good ‘break’ from all the holiday flavors we have around these days…ehe…

I have also taken some pictures of how the place looks like now as well as their staff.  Don’t worry, at the last part of the photo line-up are teasers of the ‘up and coming dishes’ we sampled.  Just enough to tease your appetite and hopefully you’ll stick around this blog longer, ehe…please don't say i'm wrong..haha, instead SHARE WITH ME EXPERIENCES when you get to visit them...

Interiors are clean, spacious and elegantly modern
Conference Area for more intimate meetings

The menu is up for updating... watch our for the new look!

Iconic 'Menu Board' which will undergo some updating too
Buddha photo installed on one of the walls

teaser teaser


  1. their pad thai is beyond awesomeness!!!

  2. yup... this one is a must try on EVERY visit