Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Lists

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The Filipino culture, admittedly been influenced by many years of foreign presence, would have that ‘santa’ fever lingering in the air whenever the holidays arrive.  Too bad that Santa has to battle it out with rains (and typhoons at rare times), but hey, he can and almost always makes it in time.  It won’t matter if his suit is sweltering hot should the weather decided to be more unforgiving and blows him the tropical winds instead.   Never mind if we have no chimneys for him to climb down, he would then even favor visiting us as it will be easier (and less messy) to put those gifts.  It did not created any hassles if cookies and milk were rare and instead offer say bibingka and puto bumbong for him to enjoy while sneaking in and out of each home.  We all believed that Santa exists one time or the other.   I’m not sure for this generation though.

What’s good about the concept is mixed with the innocence of any child, things become possible.  Not unlike the Middle Eastern idea of Jinn (genie in western cultures) in the lamp, you can only wish for one thing in the case of Santa.  So, you need to truly dig deep and think what is that one thing that your heart truly desires.  Amidst all of the possibilities, there is that one thing you truly want. That was then, until the child went to school, acquired a degree, applied, got into a work and become part of the ‘adult world’.  The child GREW up in short.  With all the innocence gone, that one thing that they truly want took another shape, got internal wirings and now has wifi or social networking capabilities --- they also now come in different colors and can be upgraded into several versions (ice cream sandwich anyone?)

I tried browsing the internet for Santa’s address and I was bombarded with lots of information, kids (and adults) from other parts of the world are lucky to have means to write to him.  Volunteers line-up to answer these letters all in the spirit of the season.  Links below will route you these websites and browsing through them would have you reading on actual letters done by kids from all over the world.  Some are funny, thoughtful and outright hilarious (hey, they are from kids, they have licensed to be that way).

 I do not intend to have this blog post long, but in spirit of the coming holidays, I want you dear readers to revisit that kid in everyone and reply (or just PM me) WHAT IS YOUR GROWN UP CHRISTMAS wish?  Yes, that’s taken from a rather popular song (see video below courtesy of Youtube). And maybe we will have another posting of the replies soon.

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