Sunday, July 29, 2012


I recently came across this nice craft/art site featuring a very popular (yep, I would say I was left behind this one)hobby.  Dubbed as 'CUBEE CRAFT', it was a surprise for me to see hundreds of dedicated sites on this craft.  I have been seeing these things before on some hobby shops and toy stores.  I often referred to them as 'toys' before.

This post intends to open up the opportunity also to my readers of this nice craft.  As of this writing, I am already planning on choosing the right paper/board to print my downloaded characters so i can start making one.  I will add these up to my growing collection on my desk at work and intends to give away also some as gifts to friends.

One nice thing also about this craft is that most of the sites showcasing this art too always refer back to the main site featuring an exhaustive library of cubee characters.  I find this very professional and indeed every artist owes it to the 'originator' and real respect for the craft, I would say is present.

The main site, features hundreds of various crafts which people can download and use to create their own items.  I really like the concept that people can freely download characters and objects.  It goes to say that the people behind this movement really want to share and spread the appreciation of this form of art.

On my next post, I will be trying to document/chronicle my making of my first cubee...  One dilemma I am having also is having to decide which character to do first (teheee).  Here are some of the choices I have downloaded:

My top contender so far...

A Mario classic.. 1up Mushroom

From Adventure Time, Finn

Adventure Time character, Jake

Batman of the Future

Black Spiderman... Symbiote mode!

Domo kun ofkors!!!

TMNT Donatello -- Classic!

Doreamon!!! Nuff said

Another Classic, Kermit the Frog

Super Mario!!!

From the Real Ghostbusters, the Marshmallow Man

Below are samples of finished cubee artworks:

And to officially end this post, I would like to ask you readers, which character are you interested to be rendered in 'cube'? My next post shall be my showcase of my finished arts.


  1. weee! welcome to paper crafting vonn! its addicting and a great stress reliever! hehe you can also try visiting another site for downloadable paper crafts templates, mas bad ass yung mga models dun! aja!

  2. Cutee Cubee.. I think I will try to make a Cubee Craft of Astroboy!

  3. kewl! I myself love to collect those cubee craft... :)

  4. ccubee looks so cute!! love the mario and spongebob! xx

  5. The are cute cubee which you can do using cartons and a creative mind.

  6. Finn and Jake will be awesome cubee art

  7. Looks fun! Kids will love playing with these... They'll probably gonna' rip them out too..hehehe

  8. wow! I love crafting as well. thanks for sharing this and giving me an exact idea.

    I am interested to know how to make a "thomas train", can you feature that one next time?

  9. Wow! I love your post! My kids will surely love this! I want to see Wolverine as a Cubee Craft! =)

  10. Oh my gosh, so cute! Thanks for sharing

  11. i love super mario! i'll check the site now.. hehe

  12. Michael Phelps, would love to see him as a cube. :D

  13. Wow super cool and cute. I want a cubee art of Kate Upton. hehe.

  14. I bet my son would love working on his cubee too.

    I bet my son will be a future
    fan of these little art works.

  16. Wow... Cubie Craft art is cool

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