Friday, December 16, 2011

Anniv Buffet @ YuFuIn

Celebrated with Yu-Fu-In in their 1st year anniversary with a scrumptious buffet of pure fun!  I went in with my colleagues and we all indulged on wide array of Japanese meals... From appetizers, to the main dishes, guests after guests lined-up to get experience the wonderful food in an authentic Japanese ambiance.  For my team, we opted to be seated in the 'traditional' Japanese dinner table.  Yep, that meant removing our shoes and sitting on pillows... authentic eh?  The offerings were as follows:

Now, on to a brief, but straightforward 'crash course' to buffet eating.  Take note of the list to make sure you enjoy (and maximize) your next buffet trip:
  1. Prepare your stomach.  As in do not take a snack prior to going into a buffet.  Some people even go to the extent of not eating an entire meal preceding an buffet opportunity.  I say no.  You'll see on the reason on the succeeding items. 
  2. SPOIL-ALERT: Go to the CR first and do your 'things'.  Yes, I take the empty stomach (and bladder) part cautiously and seriously.  But more than that, the decision is made to ensure that there would be no 'emergency' situations looming in my buffet horizon.
  3. Scan the buffet table first.  This never tip fails.  My mantra is this:  'the bigger the buffet table, the longer the scanning should be'.  Yes, as a professional eater (and simply a person who wants to get his money's worth, and more?), you need to plan and know which ones to take in which cycle.
  4. Yes, there are cycles.  Plan which food goes for your 'starters'.  You do not necessarily have to go to the appetizers table but hey, you need to prep-up your stomach.
  5. SPOIL-ALERT: To ensure that you do not spoil your moment, do not eat uber heavy food items as starters...phasing is the key.  Steak pieces for your first bite? No matter how yummy it might be, there will be time for that.
  6. Take on appetizers SPARINGLY.  Yes, for buffet tables, there are almost always two tables always more attractive than others.  The appetizers is one, the other, the dessert tables.  Do not ogle too much on the small/cute items and get to engrossed that before you know it, your plate is already full of items --- in just one section of the buffet!
  7. My general rule for determining the amount of food to take is:  Get at least one item of each section, then after tasting decide which one to indulge with.
  8. Another rule you might want to take is:  Get the food which you would normally won't afford or won't find its place in your house's dinning table.  Practically, eh? 
  9. Study (here I go again with my research advocacy) the terminologies (if applicable) before going to a buffet, or better, ask around.  The staff are almost always willing to explain the dishes.
  10. Spare yourself from drinking.  My usual style is to just have water.  It might work differently for others, but any other liquid with sugar usually fills me up faster.  Tea is a good choice too, but I would almost always have mine after to ease down the 'after war'
Here are the photos we had from the recent anniversary treat of Yu-Fu-In.  I enjoyed every bit of the food experience and wishes them more years to come!

Facade group pix
with owners Ms. Mitch & Ms. Aiko (L-R)

Angeles City Politicians present

strategically choosing what to eat first
professional eater ehe
with a mission to eat good and a lot more
fooling around to let the food go down, ehe...
yep, they have manga there... nice
Give away tray... assortments of goodies
We picked up these lucky turtles
Capping the night with fun and smiles on our faces


  1. hope it doesn't all settle on your waistline, lol. btw where is this restaurant located?

  2. near jocson colleges. if im not mistaken, its the former "yakiniko tombo" restaurant.

  3. yep..that's why I have to maintain the maintain the body..haha