Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reese's --- My Sweet Indulgence

One of my many indulgence are sweets... for those who have been following my blog, you may have encountered one or two posts related to sweets.  So for this installment I am featuring my ULTIMATE favorite dessert of all time (ehe, uber redundant much?).  Thank God for REESE'S!
I have searched every nook and cranny of the internet chocolate world to find all the information about these sweet treats and I was not disappointed.

From trivia (see right side, if did not distract you already) to nutritional facts, name it, the net has it! So for fellow Reese's or general chocolate lovers out there, here are some of the great information available:


Reese's peanut butter cups are milk chocolate candy cups filled with creamy peanut butter. Today they are distributed by Hershey Foods Corporation, but they were created in the early 1920s by a man named Harry Burnett Reese. Reese was born into a farming family in Frosty Hill, Pennsylvania in 1879. 

Deciding to get out of the family business, Reese moved out of Frosty Hill and ended up working for the owner of Hershey Foods as a dairy employee. His exposure to the candy industry encouraged him to quit his job and try making candy of his own. He created peanut butter cups, along with a few other candy bars, and marketed them as "a product that both the young and old alike can eat and enjoy." Reese's peanut butter cups become immensely popular, and in 1963, Reese sold his candy company to his former employer, Hershey Foods, for 23.5 million dollars.


Reese's candies contain both nutritional benefits and drawbacks. The classic milk chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup contains 210 calories and 13 grams of fat. The white chocolate version has the same fat content but checks in slightly higher with 220 calories. Reese's candies also have some healthy qualities, as both items contain 5g of protein. Additionally, both flavors of peanut butter cups have small amounts of both calcium and iron.


I have actually never seen such a variety of 'versions' of a chocolate brand than that of Reese's.  For quite some time I even had these moments where I though it would be impossible for me to get a hold of the WHITE REESE's variety.  Now my target has shifted.  I want that HALF POUND Version. hahahaa gluttony much!

Over the years, Hershey has developed several variations on the Reese's peanut butter cup. Perhaps the best known of these, Reese's pieces, debuted in 1978. These bite-sized candies consist of peanut butter coated in a chocolate shell. Hershey has also created white chocolate and dark chocolate versions of the peanut butter cup, as well as an "inside out" Reese's and the larger sized Big Cup. 

While most of these varieties are limited-time promotions, the white chocolate cup has become permanently available. Other popular variations on the Reese's theme include the Nutrageous bar and the Fast Break. Reese's peanut butter cups are available in different shapes during certain holidays, including pumpkins for Halloween, hearts for Valentine's Day and a tree for Christmastime.

From the internet (credits to owners), the following compilations are available:
  • Miniatures - bite-size versions available year round in bags. These chocolates come in a black paper cup wrapped in gold or colored foil.
  • Dark Chocolate - peanut butter filling in a dark chocolate cup
  • White Chocolate – peanut butter filling in a white chocolate cup
  • Big Cups – an over-sized version of the traditional cup (also available in white chocolate, with peanuts, mixed nuts, and with a combination of nuts and caramel)
  • Peanut Butter Lovers – a layered cup with top peanut butter layer, thin chocolate layer and peanut butter filling
  • Chocolate Lovers – a thicker chocolate cup with a thinner layer of peanut butter
  • Inside Out – chocolate filling in a peanut butter cup (a reversal of the traditional version)
  • Caramel – the traditional cup with an added layer of caramel filling
  • Marshmallow – the traditional cup with an added layer of marshmallow filling
  • Peanut Butter & Banana Creme – a layered cup with a top chocolate layer, bottom banana creme layer, and peanut butter filling; released in summer 2007 in tribute to Elvis Presley. It was available in standard, Big Cups and Miniatures sizes
  • Crunchy Cookie Cup – a layered cup with crushed chocolate cookies and peanut butter filling (discontinued in 1999, but was brought back in 2008 as a limited edition)
  • Honey Roasted - a traditional cup substituting honey roasted peanut butter
  • Fudge - a thicker, darker chocolate cup with peanut butter filling
  • Double Chocolate - chocolate fudge filling instead of peanut butter. Limited edition.
  • Hazelnut Cream - hazelnut cream instead of the standard peanut butter filling
  • Double Crunch - a traditional cup with peanut filling similar to a Snickers bar, released in the fourth-quarter of 2010
  • Minis - Unwrapped Mini Cups
  • Crunchy - a traditional cup with crunchy peanut butter, as opposed to the smooth peanut butter in the original
  • "'World's Largest'" - World's largest cups weighing in at 8oz each.
  • Half-Pound Cup - a single cup weighing 226g; released in Canada in 2011
Take note, there are even some brands which have partnered with Reese's to capture its goodness on some new and delectable ways of experiencing it.  Below is Philippines' ice cream take on this heavenly treat.

There is also an official website dedicated to this brand. Here are some additional trivia from their site.  By the way, before I forgot, I am weirdly liking Reese in such a way that I like it so much but I do NOT like Peanut Butter in general...hmm.. weird.

God, i just love this product!


  1. Reese's are just like curly tops and chocnut in one with a hefty price tag. But at the end of the day, imported chocolates taste way better.

    1. i don't know... curly tops are good on their own right.. some chocnuts are good too, but together cannot compare to wht Reese's taste like...

  2. reese's!! also one of my favorite chocolates! :)

  3. This is my #2 guilty pleasure cuz chocolate and peanut butter are 2 of my favorite things! I hope next time you feature my #1 - Snickers. :)

    1. oh my, what a coincidence.. i also love Snickers bar

  4. Couldn't imagine just how historical this chocolate is. So it is Selecta in the long run... also the maker of the controversial magnum, hehe... SO the history is quite interesting..

  5. I've been eating sweets before! i damn missed it! but i can't even a bit now I'm trying not to eat chockies and if i crave i go for yogurt or almonds I've been working out so tight diet as well! i love reeese' though! xx

    1. wow, i don't know with you but my trainer supports eating comfort food every now and then... most of the time though you just have to be disciplined

  6. Suddenly Chocnut came into my mind.

  7. I like Reese's too, and I really enjoy Selecta hershey's line of Ice Cream.

    Oh if you like Reese's and buchi, you might want to try XO kitchen at Jupiter St, Makati. They serve various chocolate stuffed buchi, and Reese's one of them

    XO kitchen at Jupter St., Makati

  8. anything with the combination of chocolate, nuts and caramel... yummy... Yahweh bless.

  9. nope.. not my favorite at all!!!! parang super tamis kasi.. kaya if may other choices, ung other choices pinili ko hehe

  10. i used to dislike reese pero now, wow, it's like a must if dumadaan ako sa s&r or duty free

  11. Reeses is my super favorite too! and guess what? i visited the Hershey World in Hershey, Pennsylvania USA and learned it is their no. 1 chocolate even ahead of my other fave Kisses! I took the trolley tour where i was given lots of Reeses, and then the free chocolate tour to know how it is made and of course i became a worker to know how to pack it! And wow! there is now an ice cream Reeses flavor. I will buy one tomorrow!!!

  12. I'm also a big Reeses' addict but this is the ultimate fan post for this tasty sweet. :)

  13. I haven't tasted Reese yet. I don't have money better send me some free samples ha ha ha! Thanks in advance!

  14. Hands down. I so love reeses too :)

  15. i love reeses too. i always keep some in my fridge

  16. Thank you for giving some background info on reeses. Appreciate it more now. hehe

    That selecta reese edition should be interesting to try :D

  17. Ack! I haven't tried all yet I'm having a toothache right now.

  18. Reese,Hersheys and Selecta should pay you for this post. hahaha...this borders on obsession!

  19. Masarap yun dark. Wahhh, na-miss ko ang pasalubong galing abroad!

  20. Reminds me of chocnut nga! but I love Reese more : )