Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Google Doodles

Words have been very instrumental in almost all civilizations there is.  After communication, words can be said as that 'higher level' of evolution of trying to get your message across.  In this post, I will be showing you some of the nice GOOGLE DOODLES from the past.  Being an avid user of Google, It has been a routine for me to check the daily renditions of the site's banner name.  Now you might want to explore your skills in designing and have that necessary break from the usual rigors of work... (Note, all rights for the images remains to be under Google)

Very classic and traditional, creative.
very cute... this inspired me of a shirt design

another creative take

celebration of cultures

even an election season was given a nice take


Singapore on Google

haha go figure...

literary classics find their doodles way too

one of my favorites

straight from da Vinci's notebook? ;)

another favorite.. lanterns ang goodoodle

abstract art fitting abstract interpretation

every child in you

turning chinese..

kites kites and more kites

hopscotch why not?

doodlings inside a doodle doodle

summer time!

G.Mendel celebrated

i still do not quite get this...

nice classic

rock on!

new moon? twilight?

1st day of winter

a June 20th doodle.. father's day


nice one..

i have a soft spot for asian designs

color play

creative..lab set..

celebrating forms of art

even a language


  1. Kaya number one ang Google e. Ang creative kasi!

  2. They are beautiful and well-thought of designs but I like most the one with a touch of chemistry the mendel-celebrated.

    Google has always been ahead when it comes to this.

  3. wow, avid ka nga ng google to have all of these logos. and yes, google is very creative :)

  4. very interesting and very well designs. very inspring as well. xx

  5. hey these are great. Five thumbs up google for creativity.:)

  6. Ang ganda ng mga designs.. I love the lanterns best. Ang colorful. Inaabangan ko din ang mga designs ng Google, ang creative tlga. :D

  7. wow galing ng mga designs!! i love them all so creative, can't even choose my favorite but since it's valentine.. i will choose their love design.. ;)

  8. love google designs!!!.. and wow, kinollect mo talaga!:)

  9. ang galing no? nakakatuwa sobra!

  10. ahhhh... google doodles pala tawag sa mga iyan... seryoso, ngayon ko lang nalaman na may pangalan yung mga google text art nakikita tuwing may okasyon...

  11. Being creative works great, especially in promoting something. Google is business and business is happiness for them.

  12. Google is my homepage and everytime I open my browser, it makes me excited for their new doodles... It gives me more information and knowledge! ♥

  13. Rock On produced so many good music pieces. I've seen some in YouTube :)

  14. so that's what you call those :)

  15. Wow! Very creative. I love them all!

  16. I like these creative Google Doodles.