Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seven Summer Wonders

The POWER to add that 'amppfff' to your favorite Summer Destination is ON!!!! Facebook fanatics or regulars may join Nivea Sun's 7 Summer Wonders promo.  Just visit their FB page (here) to join and start voting.  Below are just some of the screenshots:

....And from the same FB site, below are the top choices as of March 16.
 How about you?  What are your top Summer Getaway choices?


  1. Nice!!!! Will try it...

    Eigroj Stain

  2. Yes, it is indeed very nice summer promo. It's a good to try!

  3. It's very enticing! Made me homesick for Summer in the Philippines!

    I'll pass the link to your blog to friends because I am not eligible to participate.

    The family and I are dreaming of going to Italy in our future Summer holidays (it's nearer and cheaper for us, lol)

  4. for the summer!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaah!