Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bamboo Bike, Why not?

The ‘eco-series’ write-up features of my blog continues with an article I saw very recently on the launch of the indigenous “PHILIPPINE BAMBOO BIKES” in the market.  Yes, this innovative ‘invention’ is finally made available to the consumers.  Now the question shifts to determining if society is ready for such.

This initiative is made possible thanks to KawayanTech (for my foreigner readers, Kawayan is the Filipino word for bamboo) whose main goal is to introduce to the mainstream market alternative means of transport and these include the bamboo bikes and even bamboo skateboards.  The company was founded by members of the famous University of the Philippines Mountaineers Club in 2009.  Original members who founded KawayanTech were the following:

Eric Cadiz – a motorcycle dealer and an electrical engineer
John Climaco – an educator who is US-based
Hecky Villanueva – an urban anthropologist
Eng Chan – a visual artist
Boy Siojo – a resort operator and dive instructor


Just like any innovative product in its baby steps, the main challenge the Bamboo bikes will face will be how the consumes will learn about the product and dispel decades or even a century worth of information that the ‘metallic bicycles’ are more durable and sturdier than these new offerings.

  • Supports local livelihood programs and bamboo farmers or sellers.
  • KawayanTech gets from various bamboo suppliers thus promoting more employment and business opportunities.
  • Highly durable as only the sturdy variety used for construction and furniture.
  • Alternative means of transportation minus the toxic fumes.
  • It is a work of Art; every bike frame is handcrafted, thus, every frame may be said as something that is highly unique in the world.
  • Bamboo is said to have the natural property of absorbing shocks from movement.
  • The company only manufactures the main bicycle frame so you can customize the other components to suit your personality. 
According to the article reference from Manila Bulletin KawayanTech has sold more than 80 different units including a bike tailored-fit for kids and toddlers (more popularly known as 'Push Bikes')which currently has a market value of PhP5,000.  The bike frames for mountain bikes fetch as high as PhP20,000 while commuter bikes costs PhP10,000. Additional trivia, the same company also made the first ever electric bamboo bike.  What's next?  Skateboards and even Wheelchairs! Hmm.. wonder how it will look?
So there you have it, a cool new feature of an up and coming business venture that I do hope we all support.  Still to the theme of Earth Hour on Saturday, I hope their idea sells well.


  1. This somewhat innovative Vonn. I like it1

  2. the idea is beautiful. looks very eco too

  3. cool and very eco-friendly too!

  4. you know what, i'm 24 yrs old and i still don't know how to ride a bike. hehe.

  5. I've seen this long ago on TV. This product should exported worldwide.

  6. wow this is so cool! I hope to see one myself. :D

  7. Wow this is great! I want one for myself now! Hope they will start selling it here soon..

  8. taht's cool but I am concern about the safety

  9. This is cool! but i agree on some the comment, how safe is this bamboo frame for the bike specially the mountain bike

  10. This is a good project for sustainable growth and development. I hope others can come up with environmental product innovations like this too.:)

  11. Way away cool! Hope I get to try riding one.

  12. I am aware of this bambike and its fantastic. Let us support this eco-friendly inventions and show it to the world of how Filipinos capable of in terms of innovation and craftsmanship and share this invention to this generation.

  13. Wow. Applause for this innovative gadget making use of what we have in our country.

  14. it might be durable but only to some extent so i might not gonna give it a try especially when biking on a busy road.

  15. I'd have to think about this ... how durable is it? Will it last long? Daming tanong pa e .

  16. Fantastic share, another good way of using bamboo tree. :)

  17. I hope it would support heavyweights like me. XD

  18. Wow thats the pure talent---for them to develop and innovate such products that some things we Filipinos can be proud of...

    I was kinda surprised though on how they are able to make things possible with the bamboo....

  19. This is very impressive. I wonder if they have introduced it to the foreign market. My apologies if I had missed a mention about it on your other previous blog.

    I'll be clicking on the link you provided (Manila Bulletin article), if something was mentioned there.

    It made me curious because I live in the Netherland,and as you know biking is huge part of the culture here.

    I'm trying to find out your Twitter handle, but can't find it on your FB page. Perhaps will check it when I have had a good night sleep! :)