Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 New F1 Race Cars

Vrrrroooommmm!  And the rubber starts to burn...ehe.   Yes the official race season is still (quite) far from today, but hey, I chanced upon this nice album from DHL's Facebook account (Yup, I am subscribed to almost all the teams ---- but I am a Ferrari loyalist) of the new cars for 2012.

Just in case you did not see these from any other source in the web, let my blog showcase them for you.  Credit goes to the rightful owners... don't sue me, i'm just a fan sharing.... ehe..
 The only car from this album that had the opposite orientation...I hope there was no pun intended on this one.. Go Ferrari!

And just in case you plan on watching some of the racing events, here is the calendar from the official F1 website.

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  1. wow!! i love race cars.. and im not even a good driver.. haha.. sa malaysia and SG they have regular car races sobrang mamahal naman ng ticket i never had the chance to watch it.. so sa miniature nalang ako titingin.. but whenever they display a few cars sa malls ay naku andyan ako.. picture-picture!! hehe