Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Treats

Writing for this particular post has been moved far too many times already.  The want to be able to experience more and take more pictures before finally releasing a feature on desserts has always put an invisible pull.  Until the realization that I can always add on a series or have solo features in the future came.
Yes, let it be known that I am a sweet-a-holic.  I just love sweet stuff.  And whenever I visit a food place, I would almost always look at the dessert portion of every menu to check on what's available.  I've even had those experiences of leaving restaurants without eating just because a favorite dessert I was craving was not available.  For those not into anime or manga, the guy on your right is 'L' from the series Death Note.  He's one character that was almost always seen eating sweets.  According to the author, it was created as such since he needs the sugar to 'fuel' his intellect.  Meaning, he uses too much glucose for his brain to function (he's very intelligent).  Hahaha, I wish we had the same reason, but for me, it's just that I love sweets.  From chocolates, to cakes, to pastries, to sweet drinks, ha, I can almost hear my blood boil.  I am so lucky that I was born in a family who loves eating and one that has many of its members able to cook and bake so I am able to try many stuff.  Traveling has also given me opportunity to indulge on sweet offerings the world has on its plate.  Here are just some of those I was able to salvage... From here on, I will make it a point to capture them and re-establish my collection of all things sweet!

Shakey's Brownie ala mode (i think), the brownie is to die for
Fancy chocolate cake from Mekeni Cafe, Holiday Inn
Fancy pastries and muffins still from Mekeni Cafe
My ever favorite Apple pie dessert from the Golden Arches
My Mom's Banana cupcakes with choco frosting & mallows
Even my Singapore breakfast reeks of sweetness
On my last hours at Singapore Changi Airport, I choose to eat a cake
Banana Cake block made by my Mom, the ganache is so shinny!
A La Creme's Sinful Cake
Even on SM Baguio's deck, I had a frozen dessert!
Birthday treat from my Family
Froyo!!!! White hat obviously
Sweet strawberry wines of Baguio... Yum!
My separate dessert buffet plate from Mekeni... Brulee, cakes, cakes, and cakes
The king of cheese cakes ---- Blueberry delight! from Giada's
From Kenny Roger's with sweet love
Coffee shop delight from Coffee Overdose
Dessert trio at Pancake house, puff pastries, funnel cake and brownie
Homemade classic apple pie from Giada's
Only for the Holidays -- Toffee Nut Loaf from Starbucks
Chocolate Molten lava from Starbucks!!!
Blueberry WHOLE cake from Tollhouse
Good old parfait and halo-halo from Mr. Frosty
The 'Mt. Pinatubo' ice cream from Creamline
All Time Favorite ---- Dessert Sampler from Pizza Hut
Cookies and Cream Cake compliments from Regency Hotel Boracay
Pizza Hut's Apple Cobbler
Pizza Hut Cobbler infused with a coffee shot
Apple Pie a la mode from Zapata's
Salvatorre's Mango Shake
Salvatorre's Strawberry shake

My ultimate favorite... in any form REESE'S

This a rendition of myself should I become a dessert... hahaha! 
How about you, any recommendations I should try?
Happy desserting y'all


  1. I had to scroll down super fast and not look at the photo kung hindi magugutom ako. Haha.

  2. i feel you. i have sweet teeth -- yes, plural! matinding craving eh. all. the. time. :p

  3. those are a lot of sweets! I'm sure every girl who's gonna drop by here would drool until they reached the last picture! :)

    1. hmmm.. i might even score that girlfriend prospect right? haha

  4. i have a sweet tooth as well!! and my faves are chocolates, ice cream, crepes, cakes, and yogurt!

    1. yes, i think it was crepes that i missed in this one...

  5. the first photo truly did it for me t_t

  6. parang banana slit na lang ang kulang sa post mo. Definitely a sweet treats post!

  7. This is very sweet blog. I love all the sweets here. As I read along some lines in this blog, some lines also from a popular song, "Sweets for My Sweets" flashback in my mind. Then, I was obliged to sing: "Sweets of my sweets, sugar for my honey. Your sweet kiss thrilled me so..." Sweets if not taken so much or beyond our body needs are good for our health and body.

  8. Oh may God.. FOOD!!! Grabe, parang bigla akong naglaway. hehe.. That coffee shop delight looks good! I bet it tastes good na rin! YUm yum!!! :D

  9. Oh my gahd! You made me hungry... I will definitely treat myself tomorrow for a sweet dessert... I'm such a sweet-a-holic just like you.

  10. Everyone's exclaiming OMG, and I can't help but say the same! Grabe naman tong post na to! It's so sinful it should be illegal! Hahaha!

  11. errr...guess have awaken the sweet tooth in me...I really love sweets....but too much sweet is not good, so they say

  12. I just had Sanz Rival this morning so this post is fitting lol. I love the Pancake House trio. Sweets just end the meal more sinfully. *)

  13. sinful :P i wanna go to to creamline and eat banana split !! ow em!! naglalaway ako.. dapat di ko na to inopen hahaha

  14. Amazing picture overload of sweets! Never failed to trigger my sweet tooth hehe And since it's been really hot these past few days, I might just go get an ice cream! Yum Yum! :-D

  15. Sa dami ng sweets na nakapost, baka masira kaagad ngipin ko XD.

    You reminded me that I need to edit some of my backlogs which begins to pile-up na.

  16. Yay, I'd like to feed my self with these sweets. I love eating them when I am broken into pieces, LOL!