Monday, February 20, 2012

My Firing Range adventures

From my high school cadet years, I have always had this fascination of guns (nope not the type that I want to fire one).  My first touch of a real gun was when we were training to assemble and disassemble an M16 riffle.  Then came the opportunity to fire one (of which I got good marks, ehem... pat on my own back err...).  So when the opportunity came that I can AGAIN fire a gun under the tutelage of experts, I immediately said yes.  It was even a double treat because I found out that the firing range where we will be going was the same place owned and managed by a dear friend, Krizia Chu-Tranquilino.  For those who have explored my blog, their firing range business has been one of the first image links I had on the right side directing you to their official website.  Theirs was a tried and tested firing range as organizations host their competitions in this place and several of the country's security firms also do their practice/trainings here.  There have been several tie-ups too made with the government, so hey, they mean business.

I highly recommend that you go and try this with your friends as a way to relieve your stress.  A word of caution though, be sure you have a clear mind and a good disposition.  This much fire power is no joke so it should be handled with utmost responsibility.  Click on the link at the right side where the logo MCGC is located.  On the other hand, below are just some of my 'yabang' (read: boastful) photos:

 I'd say the range is really a good one because right at the entrance, the rules are clearly outlined.  READ these first before you venture into the ecstasy of firing a gun.

RULE 1 -- license first.
RULE 2 -- register personal info
RULE 3 -- paperworks
RULE 4 -- eye & ear protectors pls
RULE 5 -- care for kids...
RULE 6 -- care for valuables
RULE 7 -- drunkards not allowed
RULE 8 -- customer service
RULE 9 -- no ammunition unless ready to shoot
RULE 10 -- right to refuse by management

This is serious business so every user should take into mind these simple but highly important rules.  In case you do not have license make sure you have someone with you who has one.  Otherwise, it will be quite difficult.

my pose with MCGC's logo at the back
Not in the photo but for this session we had an ex-PNP, a head of Holiday Inn Security and other security teams as our personal coaches ehe...
Check your unit and make sure it is empty.  Always have it pointed downwards
Ammo... ehe wish we had unlimited supplies....
Even with my glasses, it's quite difficult
Control your heartbeat and your breathing... relax.
As I mentioned, seems like i haven't completely lost my touch.  I was trying to draw a Peace sign here...
The gun you will only see on movies OLD ones, ehe... I tried this one too... LOUD
Steady your position... inhale, exhale...
Fire at will... then wait for further instructions
My pa-cute pose... bear with this indulgence pls.
Squinting one's eyes is inevitable...for me.
Clients can also request for other target object such as fruits, tin cans, etc.
Has nothing to do with the firing, but hey, we got hungry after the excitement and all... so we decided to visit a nearby food spot (which is for a separate feature, ehe).


  1. You and my boyfriend are a bit similar. Hes fascinated with guns and being a soldier. He tried to join the British Army but ended up going home cos he got homesick. Hahahahahaha. He will kill me if he will know bout this! hahahahahaah. He will love to try this! We have been to Pampanga too but just in Fields. Wink! :)

    1. haha let's hope he does not read this... :)

  2. I don't own a gun and I don't think I'll ever own one. Not for me. But I hope people follow the simple rules you posted. LICENSE first!

    1. i don't plan either of owning one... yes, LICENSE first...

    2. Good for you lakwatsero... seriously, I wish all the guns in the world would disappear and the knowledge to make one wiped out of everyone's mind... the world would be a better place... ;)

  3. aw, unfortunately... I don't like guns... I do love watching action movies and war movies but I still don't like guns... it makes men feel like they're above the law or something... :)

    1. sadly some have this mindset and i'd have to agree...

  4. Nice experience you've shared here. I've tried archery sa UPDiliman when I'm in my undergrad days, too bad I have to drop, can't take the weight of the bow..hahah. I hope I could fathom this some sort of adventure naman. It's an art din kasi and would require much discipline to be able to hit the target rightly:) galing!

  5. i once tried this, bf also used to invite me but after i had my first and only firing event, di na ako umulit.hehehe..

  6. Thanks for sharing this. All gun owners should be responsible enough to know when to pull the trigger.

  7. wow nice hobby, do you know how I can sell my father's gun? I wanted to sell it legally