Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cheesy Treat!

And finally, I got the momentum and material necessary to launch one of the dream blog articles I want to publish.  The topic?  ALL ABOUT CHEESE.  Nope, not the actual cheese but good great food made out of this God-given gift.

I have been wanting to write about this topic and have had my photos ready since last year.  The only problem was that I was hoping to score a sponsored trip to one of the many good hotels in Pampanga to allow me access to their cheese collections and/or interview their chefs. Yep, I am no expert in cheese so I thought I needed some heavy material first to have a good post.  But it remained elusive (although I am not closing my doors ehe)up until this writing.

Much to my delight however when I saw on TV, KFC's latest treat for cheese lovers like me.  Their Cheezy Bacon Fest.  Although I am not much of a Bacon fan, anything with cheese I usually do not pass-up.  I am such a lover of cheese that any opportunity to taste food with it I indulge.  I even did pass-up tasting the more exotic and weird tasting ones from parties such as the famous 'blue cheese'.  I did not particularly liked the taste but hey, it's cheese.

I even have these episodes of really going to the mall just to eat something with cheese.  Yes, I even eat cheese with rice when the food flavors or ulam (viand) do not seem to fit well in my taste buds.

So I immediately scheduled this KFC trip and had a nice experience at the counter.

Me:  Ms. are your line-up for the Cheezy fest available?

KFC Lady:  yes sir, which one of them would you like?

Me: All three variants please.

KFC Lady:  Sir? As in all three?

Me: Yes, ala carte please and just a pair of drinks for me and my friend.

KFC Lady: ok sir wait for  a while.  (Calls our manager to relay order).

Manager:  Ok got it.  (leaves and then goes back)  Wait, all three variants in one order? (Smiles)

KFC Lady: (Returning a smile).  Yes sir all three in one. (Then returns to attending to me) Got your order sir

Me: By the way miss, it's for dine in.

KFC Lady: (jaw dropped for two seconds).... Ah, ok sir. You love cheese po no? (then smiles)

So, with the important interview not yet on hand, please content yourself for the meantime with these delectable photos I have collected through my cheesy adventure years.  Promise however that I will find that special feature and do a part 2 of this article.

Spinach and cheese filling
KFC's double down is not only a heart attack but a cheese attack
pizza and cheese meant to be

Cheese inside green hot peppers fried? heaven
All cheese pizza... ulalalala
nope, not the coffee, but the cheese cake
mozzarella cheese
cheddar on a bun..ehe
mexican treat made extra perfecto


  1. ang sarap ng photos mo, nakakainis! hahaha! how was your KFC experience? i would love to read kung masarap bah chese recipes nila. parang gusto ko na mag KFC, now na!

  2. I am speechless, weakness ko ang CHEESE, then an array of cheese filled delicasies! Ang sasarap!

    What caught my eye is the "Spinach and cheese filling" kala ko raviolli! the spinach + cheese is a great combo!

  3. Waaaah! Your cheese-filled post is superb! I too love cheese, but not as die-hard as you. And from all the food shots that you shared, the one that I will never pass up is pizza and the chili-cheese sticks! I love the ones from Gerry's Grill, have you tried those? =)

  4. LOL at the conversation hahaha :)
    Im actually getting addicted with their cheesy bacon pasta!
    saraapp eh :)

  5. You're one voracious animal. So happy for your cheesy adventure, and I'm so jealous as I can't eat dairy. I wonder how many times you farted after leaving KFC.

    1. ahahah gladly im NOT lactose intolerant... so no problem of 'passing the gas' from this side... :)

  6. Ang CHEESY talaga! Loaded na loaded sa cheese. Honestly never ko pa na try ang ma ka cheezyhan na yan ng KFC. Walang KFC dito sa amin eh..huhuhu but KFC meals are my all time favorite. When I was in college I traveled from Iligan to CDO every week just to have KFC chicken and everything.

    Now that I am doing my MS and working online. Hindi ko na nagagawa ^^
    Your post makes me feel that I really have to take a break and go KFC asap.

    But the other photo in the article really looks tempting...sadly I don't know them all.

    Following your blog though waiting for the part 2 you promised :)

  7. I love cheese but this is overload na talaga! be careful ha, KFC Australia was found guilty of salmonella poisoning with their twister.

  8. Oh my, this post has cheese overload! hahaha.. I am a big fan of cheese too and those photos made me crave for more cheese!!! :D

  9. I love cheese too but one dish with cheese is enough for me. Because the cheese is like cheez wiz e

  10. wow would love to try those too! sulit ba?

  11. naconfused ako ng slight pero mukhang adik ka nga sa cheese

  12. CHEESEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! More cheese pa please!!!!

  13. I usually get the same reaction! :D not from the servers / crew, but my friends that I usually tag along when I do food trips! :D

    They often tease me with 'Sinong kasama mo?' Because I usually order a lot of stuff. Anyway the cheese stuffed peppers looks good, where can I try it?

  14. yay! i love cheese and these foods are my loves. The cheese stuffed peppers are really delicious. Gumagawa ako neto pampulutan, we call them Dynamite. Yay! Sarap!

  15. Nabitin naman ako sa post! Asan n yung mga KFC Foodies?? Haha. I'd like to read your review. I love cheese and bacon as well.
    I asked my brother to buy me that cheesy bacon chicken fillet. When I ate it, I told my brother, "Hindi naman cheesy bacon binili mo Kuya eh!" Seriously, it was like the normal Chicken fillet burger I've been eating in KFC. We even thought na baka nagkmali ng bigay. Wll, until now di ko sure kng mali nga ba ng nabigay. Di pa ko nkpunta ng KFC ulit. Hehe

  16. I tried the KFC treat but not the twister! Over all I love their new treat! :)

  17. bigla tuloy akong nagutom nang makita ko ang mga pizza... huhuhu