Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unveiling the 2012 ‘Possibili-Thais’

This will be the third blog I have on the topic of Thai cuisine and more specifically, on the resto Purple Pad Thai.  Just a quick flashback, I was invited last December 19 for a sampling of the possible new menu line-up the team will introduce in 2012.  I was also able to interview Mr. Randy Ramos and chef on this meeting.  But the ‘highlight’ of it all was the food sampling of course.  Being invited to eat on something that is still ‘off-the-menu’ is a privilege in itself that made me really excited to write a blog on it.  I, however, reserved the right to the owners to decide when to release this article so as not to pre-empt any major launch or events.  I went with a friend and we were served two (2) appetizers, one (1) main dish, one (1) rice preparation and one (1) new drink served in two ways.

Appetizing Appetizers
I am never a fan of appetizers but sampling the two items they served us made me change my mind.  Their papaya salad (an existing menu entry) did not disappoint me when I ordered it on a previous visit.  I even included it in my first feature and really took time to get a good photo of it as a remembrance.  Then came these two upcoming dishes… (drum roll please) the Pomelo Salad and Fresh Spring Rolls.
Here are my comments:

POMELO SALAD was a combination of refreshing burst of flavors happening all at the same time.  The pomelo hails from Davao city thus quality is assured.  It marries well with the onions and cilantro.  There is also a hint of spicy-hot flavor which may be coming from the chili flakes and onions. This ‘spice’ gives a perfect after taste finishing off the experience but not necessarily overpowering the rest to the meals that came after it.  I prefer that the pomelo wedges be served extra cold though for that ‘hot-cold’ medley.  I give it a 9 and my friend also liked this one.

FRESH SPRING ROLLS, the second appetizer we sampled was equally worth the wait.  Very thin almost transparent wrapper held the Cilantro leaves, glass noodles and a piece of shrimp together.  The dipping, on the other hand, was a sweet chili sauce blend.  The plating was made very simple yet any customer’s eyes would definitely be set on the two-half rolls on the plate (although the actual serving may change as most of these dishes are still on their costing phase).  We were also given chopsticks for this appetizer.  Even when my friend was not that keen on using chopsticks, the rolls were made quite well that they do not scatter when eaten.  This, for me, is a good criterion for spring rolls considering that these usually tend to be eaten messy.  Noteworthy also that this is a food for the health conscious.  The noodles were very light and the shrimp was only boiled.  I put a special note on my laptop that given four (4) of these serving size can already be a meal in itself.

Main (Dish) Events

PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE was a treat for the curry lovers but would want to share it to a non-curry-lover or someone who might just be trying curry dishes on rare occasions.  Well seasoned, not oily (a downfall for other fried rice dishes for me) and the pineapple chunks really provide the necessary ‘taste-break’.  The serving portion given to us was just right for the two of us, not too little and not too heavy.  Perfect to be partnered with their Chicken pandan and Satay options.

CRISPY PORK a take on the Filipino craving for texture on food.  The meat and the pork skin rind were crispy up to the last piece (considering I tried this one last even after being served early).  Partnered with vegetables such as cucumber, carrots and accentuated by Cilantro, adds to the over-all ‘crisp’ theme of the dish.  The dressing is almost similar to the Pomelo salad, but more subdued I may say.  Taken together (meaning the pomelo salad & the Crispy Pork), one might be tempted to compare the depth of the dressing on both dishes.  Nonetheless, it is good in itself.  I’m not too keen on the appropriate level of spice but my tongue tells me (or wonders, if that is acceptable, ehe) if the pork was made spicier, would enhance the dish.

Putting ‘Green’ on my (Thai) Drink

THAI GREEN TEA is now a new favorite.  I was served with two different presentations of this drink targeted to be introduced next year.  One in the usual glass with ice and the other as a shake.  Both are good, but I have preference on the shake variant.  The flavor (I don’t know if this is only psychological) is more pronounced on the regular serving but the shake somehow provides a necessary texture (even on for a drink, ehe).  I am a green tea drinker whether hot or cold and this one is a welcome addition to my favorite list of things to eat (or drink).

Others (regulars but worthy of a re-mention, ehe)

ROASTED PEANUTS are a nice take on the roasted highland legumes selection hahaha… new taste that’s not too foreign on the palate but enough to tickle your taste buds.

DURIAN CANDIES, not sure if this was given as a token for our visit or will be part of the regular menu, but hey, what is Thailand without Durian?  I loved these treats ever since so my comments should not count.  Just the same, my friend liked them and even commented how the taste was far from the ‘fear’ he initially had upon hearing the name of the devil’s fruit.



  1. Pineapple fried rice, yummy!! luv pineapple

  2. I love thai food----- the fresh spring rolls looks yummy

    Eigroj Stain

    1. yup.. the photo can't even give the right justice to match the taste, ehe...

  3. Thai food ... I prefer the pad thai ... my son loves it too.

    1. ah yes, pad thai is really one of thailand's treasure

  4. Pomelo Salad? o_O first time to hear that..mmmmmm..yup, Dvo produces pomelo..I cam from there but I haven't heard Pomelo salad there..

    I've tried Thai teas and those are really delicious..but never yet Green Thai teas..

  5. I have been reading a lot of food reviews on blogs lately. However then I tried the food that they had good reviews it disappoints me. On the other hand, I had a taste of Thai cuisine when I was in Singapore and I enjoyed it...what you said in this review I guess is true.

  6. I actually have a love-hate relationship with Durian candies. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I don't. But anyways, good review ;) I love pomelo salads!