Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The place has been up for quite some time now (well at least in its previous and original home in Salapungan, Angeles City), but I can still remember how I anticipated its opening a new venue.  One that is very much on my usual route going to and from work.  The owners went by the 11.11.11 cliché and it was their chosen official opening day.  But lo and behold, I did not make it to their opening and after waiting, planning, canceling, asking around, the date was finally set ---- why not do it on three kings?  Ehe, why not, said I?
Prelude to the preparations and usual researching that I do before venturing to something new.  I was surprised to discover that for a place that has been on the ‘buzz’ and that many people I know (and friends of friends of friends --- yep that specific)have already tried it, but I cannot find a decent enough internet resource of the place.  There were two good blogs (chicsassymom and dimmpss) that I read (thanks by the way!) that had a nice review of the place and gave me the mental picture I needed to set my mood and plan what to expect of the place.  So what was there to expect in the first place?  I checked on the web for comments related to New-York-style cuisine and how best is it described. The notes I read made me go back to the place where most of my previous blog posts were located.  New York is very much a ‘melting pot’ of various cultures and ethnicities, thus, it means that similar to Angeles City, it is a haven for the entire world’s culinary musings.  According to the source I chanced upon, every place of New York has that distinct amalgamation (combination) of various cultures from almost all the continents of Earth!
The Bronx has a combination of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Italian, Albanian, Jamaican, West Indian, Irish, Korean and Filipino (yey!)
Queens has it more Mediterranean with Greek, Czec, Bangladesh, Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Ecuadorean, Afghan, Caribbean, Creole, and Filipino (another yey!)
Brooklyn has almost all those initially mentioned with the addition of Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Haitian, Polish, and Jewish influences.
Staten Island, on the other hand has Italian, Russian, Arab, Sri Lankan and Polish offerings.
Lastly, Manhattan has in its social banquet Puerto Rican, Kosher, Latin American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Ukrainian, African-American, West Indian, West African, Italian, Pakistani, German, Czech and Hungarian (yes, just typing these series is already making my stomach wage WW3)

Now going back to the feature, my co-workers and I finally decided to go visit the place and relax (from the 1st work week of2012).  Let me start of the gastronomic tour with the place.  I never did liked orange until they used it in this place.  Black is always a good accent with orange and place is just pulsating with vibrance (so vibrant that I almost forgot I had problems of my own, ehe).  Photo on the left shows the façade with the very bright logo (yes, so bright that none of our combined cameras and cell phones were not able to capture right, thanks Tita Billy for the nicest photo).  From the outside, the tall windows look inviting and would give you an idea that customers come and go (as in literally, on table is clearing up with the next group waiting or coming in).  The smell of the place is not over-powering and does not linger in the place (so don't worry if you need to go somewhere else after eating).  Service speed is good.  I expected food to be coming in very slow, but it was moderate to good.  Servers are ok, most smile and seems to like what they are doing.
The Tables
Their tiled tables are one of the restos main features (almost always mentioned on blogs and stories from friends).  And they were good… I’m not though sure if they were meant that way since they are easier to clean (no grease, no sticky, gooey parts). Here’s an up close shot of how nice the tiles and the stretch of our table were we feast the night away.  Hmm… gives me an idea for a home improvement.
The Dining Place
Next of the things that are worth mentioning were the posters… the gigantic Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and their ultra gigantic logo and food offering poster.  Here are some of the shots I have of the place as well as the whole dining area.
Ultra bright lights... nice for food pix, extra challenge for capturing the place
This picture makes me want to see New York

The Condiments (yes, I’m serious)
This one I promised that I will mention in my blog article as it was a first for many of us.  From the other restaurants I visited, whenever there are chili-flakes as condiments, more often than not, they do not necessarily have to be ‘hot’.  Just that hint of smell (and flavor) of spice but no real ‘kick’.  NOT FOR THIS PLACE!  I got this one colleague who literally powdered her pizza slice away as if there was no tomorrow and tadddaaah!  It was very spicy…  I have a low tolerance for heat and the amount I placed on mine (not that much) was more than enough me to form droplets of sweat on my nose.  Was that good?  I’d say yes because the heat was something that is not the ‘lingering type’ so good enough for me.  Here’s a shot of their table condiments.
It's getting hot in here....

The Menu
They have a large board-type menu.  With a wide variety of options especially to the hungry stomach.  The selections are good, with descriptions for the unfamiliar.  They have selections of rice meals, pasta, a hefty choice of appetizers, pizza, rolled pizza and desserts.  For this engagement, we did not order the rolled pizza, so that means ‘I shall return’ to this place and I need my dose of arugula soon!

The photos below shows the food we ordered and some fun shots with the group (and those not around ehee, we have this unique way of including them still even when they are not physically around).
My 1st slice was NOT a disappointment...
Our Uber Yummy 'split' Pizza
I had to get this close...really

Our order.. Baked Beef & Cheese Ravioli (in Marinara Sauce)

Baked Beef & Cheese Ravioli (in Bechamel Sauce)
The 'Regular' Beef & Cheese Ravioli (Bechamel sauce)

The Sausage were to die for... and the bread, NICE!
Puttanesca, all time favorite of the HR Ladies
2 of our Colleagues who 'did not make' it to the dinner
If I just had more bread, the plate should have been cleaner
Happy Customers!
Thanks, New York Supreme, till the Next time...
 After taste:  Do wait for me my pizza roll...soon!


  1. What an amazing post!.. I've enjoyed reading from the beginning till the end. I as well do live here in New York but I've never been to that place.. I might try to pass by there in the future!..

    Goodluck on your future post!
    (P.S. I was blog strolling and when I saw your blog in blogs ng pinoy website.)

    -Kris (

  2. Hi Kris, thanks for your very nice comments, really appreciate comments from readers...

    Correction though (I hope this won't dishearten you in any way), the Resto featured in this one is actually in Philippines. I am sure though, that they would love to have a NYorker like you sample them once you visit Phils and give ur verdict...

  3. There is no way I can get to that place by now so I settled myself with the pictures you provided in this post. Then, I have to run my imagination wild as if I am eating all these delicious foods here. The pizza looks so much enticing. Grr...I need to grab a bite now. I'm getting hungry.

    1. hahaha go grab some bite... thanks for dropping-by

  4. where is this located? I researched already and found one in Balibago and the main which is in Angeles City. Is there a branch in Manila? Thanks

    1. yup, this one is located in Angeles City, Pampanga (Balibago is actually in Angeles too)... I am not sure if the original place is still up and running, the new one though which I featured here is much bigger

  5. I love Pizza and Pasta!!! :) The closest thing there is to these dishes are Yellow Cab lang. Good thing may isa pang alternative. But where is this located again? Parang you didnt mentioned it :) I hope there is one along Manila.

    1. Yellow Cab, I would say, has a niche of its own... this is another must try... not so good news though, you'll have to go to Pampanga for this one...

  6. Oh my, this looks great! Where is it? Thanks!

  7. How come that only Metro Manila is blessed with amazing food house like this?! Should I wish to try, I am freakin' too far! :<

    1. this is not from the metro.. well at least that part of the Metro.. this is in Pampanga

  8. I think I've eaten here before. The pizza is really good.