Friday, May 4, 2012

Ninja Hometown - TOKYO TOKYO

It has been a while since I wrote a fast food feature.  Not that I am a snob to these food fares, it’s just that in my quest to showcase the available and best kept secret food houses of Angeles City (and beyond), it has taken quite a ‘back seat’ so-to-speak.  But I think now is a good time to show to you one of my all time favorite.  I am even torn into putting them under this category because apart from the fact that they are located on malls and that they serve food ‘fast’, everything else (as far as my taste is concerned) is good food worthy of the non-traditional fast food group.  I am talking about Tokyo Tokyo.
Yes, for those who have been following me and my (mis)adventures, you know I have a soft spot for the international cuisine and I must say Japanese way / methods of cooking hits the right note for my taste buds.   The first time I ate in this resto was way back in my early working career and if I’m not mistaken it was either in Mega Mall or in SM North EDSA.  It was a rare treat for me back then since there was no Japanese fast food option back home.  In the past, to enjoy Japanese fares meant expensive restaurants. So having to have a chance to eat within the usual budget was already a triumph for us.  If my memory serves me right, I ordered the Tempura meal… and I was in cloud nine. Ehe….

Looking into their website (as of this writing), the site is undergoing renovation as it has this note (see left screen shot image), so I contended myself with information from the rest of the web so I can provide you a backgrounder of this great restaurant.  And it was through researching that I found out that this resto is not that young after all.  Some note that it was founded in April 7, 1985 and has its headquarters set in Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.    They have about 50+ stores under their belt and as mentioned earlier, mostly are at the prime malls.  From my readings, I also found out that since its inception, they have already been heralded as a food nook that really does provide FREE RICE REFILL or aptly dubbed with a Filipino touch as their ‘EAT-ALL-YOU-KANIN’ (Kanin referring to rice for our non-Filipino readers).   
This is actually one of my reasons for stopping-by more often than not…tehee… But mostly, I visit Tokyo Tokyo for the variety and ‘break’ it is able to give me from the day-to-day food options I have.  

This is by the way, my curse.  Having a family of good cooks, who are Kapampangans (redundant, ehe), and who loves eating (and let me add a touch of some adventurous food tripping every now and then), makes it very difficult for me to appreciate other food.  Often, I have to pretend to like a food or find it amazing when it has been transformed as a ‘so-so-dish’ in our household.  The spaghetti is one of this.  Gone were the days that eating spag is something worth looking forward as it has become one of those dishes served just when the feeling of wanting one is there.  Pesto is another.  We make our own and stock our own pesto, just in case we want some.-

Tokyo Tokyo in Clark, Pampanga
 My loyal favorites are their Sumo Remix, primarily because it’s big enough to share; their Red tea, which we have been discussing as maybe having that certain ingredient that makes you feel full already; the California Maki and recently introduced variations (photo below of the American maki); their Kani Salad, which I must say is expensive the way I see it considering the serving volume, but it is fantastic; their Sushi treats, ehe…and last but not the least is their dessert options.  

Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Misono
Tempura Sumo Mix with Beef Misono
Chicken Karaage and Tempura Mix
California Maki
Crab Salad
American Maki --- SPAM it is.
As a last note, I chanced upon their Japanese burger options, my eyes are now set to get a hold of these burgers and write something about them VERY SOON.


  1. in fairness to Tokyo Tokyo... I love their maki... i know its not as authentic... but it tastes well enough... plus... its really affordable...

  2. got to try their shogun burger.. not bad i must say.. love how the onion rings gave crunchiness to the burger :)

  3. never been to tokyo tokyo pero sabi ng wife q masarap daw food dito,..., good review:)

  4. I agree with Blogger Bark... Okay ang Maki ng Tokyo Tokyo...
    Tagal narin ng Last kong punta... :)

  5. Nice review of the resto. My gave foods at Tokyo Tokyo is beef misono, California maki and the red tea!

  6. I love Japanese cuisine but I don't like Tokyo Tokyo that much, except for their chicken karaage though.. :D I love that stuff! I still haven't tried their burgers, but I'll give them a shot really soon :)

  7. Tokyo Tokyo is one of the few Japanese fastfoods I visit once in a while. I get sumo meals for me and only me. XD

  8. I've always seen this restaurant when I am inside malls in the Philippines but never really considered going in. But since I came here to Thailand and got a taste of some sushi and sashimi --- it got me thinking the next time I go home to the Philippines..I am gonna hit Tokyo Tokyo.

  9. Amerikan maki = spam ? Haha, very clever :)

  10. Chicken Karage + Unli Rice = Solved :D

    Anyway they serve burgers now huh, guess I haven't been to tokyo tokyo for a while now.

  11. Say JapaNICE with Tokyo Tokyo..This place has been my favorite Japanese fast food ever.

  12. I miss tokyo tokyo--- always visit this place favor---- sigh!!! i miss al filipino foods.

  13. I've been meaning to try their burger with onion rings as soon as i saw their TV commercial.

  14. I love Tokyo Tokyo red tea. And I know how to make it. I have not tried their burger yet though.